Spiritual Hypnotherapy is a branch of hypnotherapy that uses the guidance of the superconscious / higher self level of awareness for the purpose of Self-discovery, healing and reaching a state of unity in consciousness. This therapeutic approach helps the client function in integrity with the Higher Self and in a state of inner balance.
Spiritual Hypnotherapy uses the following therapies/techniques:
-Past Lives regression Therapy and Analysis. Read more…
-Future Life Progression
-Life beyond Life  Hypnotherapy:
-Life beyond life Regression
-Life between Incarnations Exploration Hypnosis
-Life Between Incarnations Healing. Read more…
Dr. Elena Gabor is one of the world’s leading experts in Hypnotherapy, Medical Hypnotherapy and Spiritual Hypnotherapy. The astonishing discoveries she has made with her clients are presented in her book “Home at the Tree of Life”.


To schedule a private session or to join the certification programs please call dr. Elena Gabor at 310-614-9919 or email her at drelenagabor@yahoo.com. Read more about services…



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