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Length: 44:57
Autor: Dr. Elena Gabor
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Choose to think positive! Positive thinking helps maintain a state of well-being and vibrant health, and generates pleasant feelings. Disempowering, fear-based and negatively-oriented thoughts and beliefs lead to stress, anxiety, panic attacks, depression and a higher production of stress hormones that affects the body in a negative way.
This audio recording provided in an mp3 format encourages you to have very high standards when it comes to thoughts and beliefs. The more positive your thinking is, the better you’ll feel and the healthier you’ll get.
Positive thinking is also essential in the process of healing and preventing diseases. Studies show that it can strengthen the immune system, which fights against diseases.
This audio recording helps you create a healthy, realistic, intelligent, confident, empowering and solution-oriented program of thinking to help you reach your goals and be successful in everything you do.
The relationship with ourselves represents the basis of our whole human experience. The conflicts within ourselves, which are in fact generated by a negative and discouraging perception of ourselves, lead to conflicts with other people, drama, pain, suffering and all kinds of health problems. As Buddha said, we are the authors of our own health and diseases. Improving the relationship with ourselves is essential for creating a happy and healthy life. With the help of this audio recording, you will be able to forgive yourself, love yourself unconditionally, recognize your own value, trust yourself and function in integrity with the higher levels of your consciousness.
One of the big advantages of hypnotherapy is that it can safely and effectively be used alongside prescription medication. This is equally true of CBD oil, and given how well these early studies show it can work for anxiety, it would seem an option we may see more and more of in the future as we get more information from research studies on where it can be effective. Find on LA Weekly’s CBD salve list the advanced extraction techniques to get the best CBD salve using the flowers and leaves. Using CBD edibles? do cbd gummies work? Some people report a benefit and there is likely a strong placebo effect (the act of taking something to relieve your condition makes you feel better even if that product contains nothing).
This audio recording contains the imagery of a beautiful, sunny, tropical island and positive suggestion for relaxation, releasing stress and improving the quality of sleep. It also contains suggestions for creating a wonderful relationship with the true self, releasing the victim mentality, adopting a confident, positive, intelligent  and realistic way of thinking, communicating in a positive manner, perpetuating positive feelings and making great decisions.
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The mind and the brain have the capacity to incorporate new information and form new neuronal pathways of thinking, thus replacing the old ones that contain incorrect, illogical, unrealistic and distorted information. This property of the brain is called neuroplasticity or cortical remapping. It is used in hypnotherapy to create new programs of thinking that contain healthy, beneficial, positive, confident, logical, wise and empowering thoughts and beliefs.
To benefit from the techniques presented in the above audio recording, please lay comfortably on a bed or a sofa, in a quiet room, facing upwards, with your head on a comfortable pillow. Keep your legs stretched and your hands along the body, as if you’re going to sleep. Your clothing must be comfortable and you can cover yourself with a blanket. Close your eyes and follow the suggestions, using your imagination as well as you can. Imagination engages the subconscious mind. Keep your conscious mind as quiet as you can. You don’t necessarily have to follow every word you hear on the recording. Usually, the attention span fluctuates from 100% alertness down to minimum functioning and, even if you fall asleep, you will still benefit from the suggestions. When you fall asleep, the subconscious takes over, follows the guidance and adopts the suggestions. The subconscious mind never sleeps. The feelings experienced by those who listen to this type of recordings are extremely pleasant: a wonderful state of relaxation, peace of mind and inner tranquility, which stimulate the body’s internal mechanisms of healing.
Hypnosis is a natural and safe state that we all experience multiple times during the day and has great potential for healing. For example, we go through a hypnotic state in the morning when we find ourselves at the border of being asleep and being awake, at night when we’re about to fall asleep, when we meditate, study, watch TV, read a book and so on. We all know how to get in hypnosis, we do it automatically, and we all know how to exit this state, without thinking about the process.
Scientific studies show that approximately 80% of the physical and psychological problems are stress-related. According to G.V. Sunnen, M.D., “hypnosis is the most powerful non-pharmaceutical relaxing agent known to science”.


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