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Length: 40:11
Autor: Dr. Elena Gabor
Price: $ 12,99
Everything that has ever been created was first created at the level of the mind. In order to experience the desired life/ version of life, it is important to visualize ourselves the way we want to be, the way we want to feel, the way we want to look, what we would prefer to do in life, what type of people we would like to attract, what type of experiences we would like to have in life. Focusing on all those details and tapping into the wonderful feelings of love, joy, success, well-being, freedom, abundance and prosperity helps us elevated ourselves to the vibrational level of life that we would prefer to experience.
So in order to experience a great life we first have to create it in the mind and perpetuate the wonderful feelings we would like to experience. We get to choose our thoughts and beliefs, which create feelings. We get to choose the way we feel regardless of what happens around us. Choosing to feel as if we already have everything we wanted to experience in life helps us elevate to the vibrational frequency of that amazing life. In order to experience joy, love, happiness, abundance, success, prosperity and well-being we have to embody all these frequencies.
This hypnotherapy audio recording helps us focus on all the above details, take actions toward achieving our goals, become solution-oriented people, drama-free people and ultimately experience the desired version of life.
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