The following video presents an energy healer trained in the art of meditation who was able to transfer life force energy to heal his clients. The life force energy that flows through our bodies is called Chi Energy in the Chinese traditional medicine.
Chi Energy Amazing Footage

Alex Hermosillo from Arizona helps people heal by transferring positive energy to their body. “In the summer of 1996, while visiting a small Mexican border town for business, the Gift of Healing was awakened within me as a woman handed her six month old dying child to me and it spontaneously healed. Soon after, I had a near-death experience in a hospital emergency room where a second gift was given to me. I learned there is no such thing as death, only a new beginning. Along my journey, I have been blessed to assist people in healing their migraine headaches, backaches, cancer, heart disease, tumors, depression and more. During their healing sessions and in my classes, myself and many of them have seen, heard and/or felt the presence of angels and other Heavenly Beings, bringing the awareness to us all that we are never alone. Many call me a Healer. I think of myself as a man like any other who has chosen to be in service to others, to share with you the gifts that were given to me, the gifts of Light, Love and Healing.”

The following video presents the concept of infinite possibilities–that we have, infinite versions of our lives occurring simultaneously. It also introduces a powerful energy healing technique presented by Gregg Braden.
Parallel Universes and how to change reality

The following video presents the story of Dr. Wilhelm Reich (1897-1957), one of Sigmund Freud’s discipols. Dr. Reich researched and documented the existence of a life force energy that he named “Orgone Energy.” Chinese traditional medicine calls this life force Chi Energy and hindu tradition calls it Prana. In my book “Home at the Tree of Life,” I described the properties of this energy using the term Chi Energy.
Dr. Reich invented the Orgone Energy Accumulator that was used to heal cancer. His legacy remains intact, against the efforts of the FDA of that time to destroy his work..
Chi Life Force Energy / Orgone Energy – Dr. Wilhelm Reich

The following video describes how scientists use Orgone Energy today.
Orgone Energy — A breakthrough that has already happened – GLOBAL BEM conference Nov 2012



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