Studies show that almost 80% of physical and psychological problems are stress related.
“Hypnosis is the most potent non-pharmacological relaxing agent known to science.”G. V. Sunnen, M.D.
Stress is the precursor of many physical ills. It can lead to high blood pressure that can influence the organs of the body. Stress can also lead to muscle tightness, chronic back and neck problems or strain. It is known that chronic stress starts a cascading negative effect on the body’s immune system. There is a natural remedy for tackling stress. Buy Bali Kratom and use it to relieve stress.
Studies made with a group of students show that stress reduces the effectiveness of the human immune system, reducing the number of immune system’s cells, along with the human body’s ability to fight disease, while states of relaxation, meditation, hypnosis and guided imagery increase the immune system’s cells number, and the body’s ability to fight diseases. It is mind over the immune system, called psychoneuroimmunology. 
“When a person is relaxed, the body’s own innate capacity to heal is activated. Studies show that when a person is relaxed, the level of the immune system’s T(killer) cells increases, and when a person is stressed, the level of these cells decreases.” B. Klinger M.D., Medical Director, New Beth Israel Center of Health and Healing, NYC
Stress is an attitude of mind. Operating from a disempowering program of thinking could lead to stress. With hypnotherapy, the client learns how to operate from a calm, positive and optimistic mental state.
The process of hypnosis induction and deepening is very efficient in reducing stress. Using relaxing imagery in association with positive suggestions for the subconscious mind that promote deep relaxation, calmness, tranquility, self-confidence, an optimistic view on life and unconditional love yield great results in eliminating or managing stress.
In addition, during the hypnotherapy session, dr. Gabor creates an audio recording for the client to listen to at home, for reinforcement.


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