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Autor: Dr. Elena Gabor
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The relationships we have with other people, especially in romantic relationships, are reflections, like images in the mirror, of the relationship we have with our Self.
The first step in attracting a great relationship with a soulmate/ compatible person is to create a harmonious relationships with all the levels of our being and function from a state of unity in consciousness, a state of integrity with our true Self/ Higher Self. To achieve this goal is important to release any tendency for self-blame, self-criticism, self-attack, self-hatred and so on, and accept ourselves exactly the way we are, recognizing that we are consciousness with unlimited power. It is important to love ourselves unconditionally, to recognize our own value, to respect our Self, to treat our Self with care, to believe in our Self and take care of our Self from all point of view. To tap into the infinite love that’s at the core of our being in order to be able to share the love with a great partner/ soulmate. When we become drama-free people and radiate out love energy we become magnets for love and wonderful relationships. The energy we put out is the energy we get back, the energy we attract in our life. It’s important to choose to perpetuate only positive, loving feelings, in order to attract the same energy in our life.
Let love be the frequency that constantly flows through all the levels of your being, and infuses all the areas of your life, in order to experience amazing love in your desired relationship!
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