Vlad Lazu, MD, diabetologist – “I found here a very well-structured course, with a textbook of unimaginable complexity – a big difference from the rest of the books on hypnosis that I’ve read.”
Oana Bunescu, psychotherapist – “Regressive hypnosis, which I’ve studied here, is the highest point in my career as a psychotherapist.”
Alexandra Tiron – “I did countless courses on spirituality, but if I had known about this training from the beginning, I would’ve only done this one. It would have been enough.”
George Borza, psychologist – “I had high expectations from this course, and they were far exceeded.”
Adrian Suliacov, manager – “This certification course was much more than I thought it would be, and being here was one of the best decisions of my life.”
Diana Vlad, MD,  psychiatrist:
-at the graduation: “This course was one of the pillars of my evolution, it was, first of all, a journey of self-discovery and of vibrational uplifting.”
– one year after graduation: “This training helped me both personally and professionally, with my work at the clinic. First of all, being better with myself, I was able to manage the patient cases differently and I saw fantastic results in patients with suicidal ideations, depression, anxiety and panic attacks. I discovered that the range of psychiatric pathology that can be addressed using hypnotherapy is very wide. There are severe cases, in which, in addition to the medical treatment, hypnotherapy can generate remarkable results. In psychiatry, since by using drug treatment we mostly treat symptoms, if we fail to get to the source of the psychiatric conditions, as hypnotherapy does, the problem persists or returns.”
Camelia Mirica, psychologist – “This training beautifully complements everything I’ve learned so far about hypnosis, which I really love. This course was above my expectations, and to me, it was a gift. I now feel complete. ”
Rodiana Jozsa, MD., resident in cardiology – “I can say that for me, this training meant recovery. In this training we’ve discovered this force that exists in each of us; we just have to believe in it. ”
Manuela Bacaoanu, Bowen therapist – “A course not only complex, but especially full of heart/soul, which opens hearts and changes lives.”
Teodora Martiniuc, human resources – “This certification course was a turning point in my life and I feel much stronger now.”
Claudia Radion, psychology graduate – “I’m sure that this training is the best choice for the beginning of my career.”
Petruta Cornea, MD, DDS, specialist in oral and maxilo- facial surgery – “After finishing the entire training for my specialty in allopathic and holistic medicine, hypnotherapy came to me like the icing on the cake. It opened my perspective so much. With the help of this therapy, I finally feel that I can help people all the way to great health and wellbeing. ”
Octavian Parjol, MD, chief of psychiatry – “From what I have seen here, I am convinced that the world of the subconscious and positive/ Chi energy plane really exists, and certainly interferes with the psyche, and that accessing them helps alleviate and even heal various health conditions.”
Diana Daciana Dobos, economist – “This certification course really changed my life.”
Dr. Livia Taran, MD, PhD, psychiatrist, Norway – “I discovered in this training that the information the patient accesses in hypnosis is very valuable, and can use later, and that the most important thing is to guide the patients in a state where they feel safe, and gain that fundamental confidence that life is essentially a good thing.”
Mihaela Turcu, complementary therapies (Bowen, Recall healing.) – “From the moment I had the first discussions and explanations from dr. Elena Gabor, it was clear to me that I would use this therapy 100%”
Laura Giurgiucanu, MD, resident in general medicine – “I liked this training very much. I would like the field of the subconscious medicine, which is currently not fully explored, to become a specialty in allopathic medicine.
Anna Maria Marin, massage therapist – “It is worthwhile for more people to get this training and practice this therapy, first of all for ourselves and then for others, to experience the changes we are looking for.”
Geanina Gheorghita, economist – “With this training many changes for the better have occurred in my mind, in my soul and emotionally, and I think I will also change my job.”
Georgeta Sofron, nurse, UK – “With this experience, there has been peace around me, and the healing I’ve experienced in my physical body is fantastic.”
Liana Barnos, MD psychiatrist and alternative medicine specialist – “The information I’ve received here redefined for me some of the ideas I was searching for and permanently created a state of peace for me, confirming that this therapy is what I’ve been searching for all along.”
Nicola Rotar – “I had wonderful experiences in this certification program, and found the answers to the problems I face. I will practice hypnotherapy first on myself, and then on others.”
Cristina Ormenisan, psychotherapist- “I am very pleased to have found this course and I think it will integrate very well with everything I have learned so far both personally and professionally.”
Diana Chistol, naturopath Paris, France – “For me, this course was the right tool that the Universe offered me. I think that everyone should take this course, at least for themselves, if not, to become hypnotherapists.”
Delia Muresan, psychologist – “It’s the only hypnosis course I found that goes into spirituality and working with the Light, which interests me.”
Ioana Feurdean, personal development coach, Iceland – “I am very happy that I found this course and I will start practicing in Iceland what I have learned in here.”
Laura Lemeti, MD psychiatrist – “I found here a completely different approach to what I’ve learned in psychiatry and I sincerely hope that the patients will be open to it.”
Diana Dimulescu, MD intensive care anesthesiologist:
-at graduation: “In this training I got the answers to the many questions I had, and I intend to implement these new techniques I’ve learned in this class, in my profession.”
-one year after graduation: “As a result of this course, I successfully used hypnosis for anesthesia in several gynecological surgeries. What’s amazing is that the vital signs during surgery were as if the patients had been anesthetized with classical anesthesia.”
Alina Robu, psychotherapist – “In this course I got some extra tools that I will use in my psychotherapy practice.”
Cristina Muresan, graduate in law, biology and psychology – “I consider this training the most comprehensive training I’ve been to, which for me closes the circle very nicely.”
Mihaela Hirsu, economist- “I really liked this course, because in here I realized who I really am, and what I have to do in life. I now know that your thoughts create your reality and you are the creator of your life. The course taught me that the power is within me and that I can heal myself. ”
Liviu Jiltea, manager – “The course meant for me the opening of new perspectives.”
Alice Aboody, Israel – “I have never finished a course and everything that I’ve learned be to crystal clear in my mind. Now I have a clear understanding of the souls, and I want to work with people in order to help them.”
Geanina Chiscan, psychologist – “For me this course was like a spiritual anchor. I understood, and I especially felt many things. I understood the information more than with my brain. I understood it with every cell of my body- at the cellular level. “
Elena Borza, psychotherapist – “This course was a very profound experience, which completed me, and I feel the responsibility for this good to be passed on to others.”
Alina Moldovan – “With this course I reinvented myself, and I consider now that I have in my hands an important treasure from which I can give to others.”
Cristina Neacsu, student in psychology – “For me this course means a big step towards a new lifestyle and a wonderful profession.”
Cristina Aldea, business owner – “This course was a journey into a magical world and I feel like I’ve received an enchanted pill for whenever I need it, and that I can use it both for me and those around me.”
Manuela Dobrota, psychologist – “This training was love at first sight and yet I could not imagine that I would feel more than I have ever felt in any other groups. This is the royalty of training courses. “
Alexandru Pajor, psychologist – “I’ve been waiting for years for someone to promote and teach subconscious therapy, and now I am already starting to see results as I am implementing it.”
Liliane Kuhlburger, Integrative Psychotherapist – “Of all the courses I’ve taken, including courses in hypnosis, I resonate the most with this training, primarily because it involves the connection with Divinity/ God, and because it focuses on spirituality.”
Silviu Caleap, United Kingdom – “This course opens your mind and, of course, many opportunities for the future.”
Ruxandra Radu, psychotherapist – “This certification course has opened for me new horizons and perspectives, and this is the most important thing. Since I took this class, I feel that my work as a psychotherapist is already different.”
Cristian Georgescu, TV station director, personal development trainer – “An experience that I categorize as being unique and that will definitely help me on all levels.”
Silvia Sdraila, personal development coach – “I loved this course. With each client I’ve worked on during this certification training, my resistance or blockages were released, and I gained more confidence in myself and my own power.”
Cornelia Hausmann, personal development counselor, Germany – “This course gave me a different, more profound access to Divinity, and helped me trust It, to help in the healing process of other people.”
Codruta Cristea, psychotherapist – “It was an absolute transformative experience. Our path towards Home opened up with a beautiful energy.”
Irina Gheorghe, psychologist and life coach – “In this training I’ve received a lot of clarity. I felt how the information settled nicely in my mind. This is the first time in my life that I feel perfectly ready to practice everything that I’ve learned in a course.”
Roxana Teodorescu, veterinarian – “I’ve entered this experience not knowing anything about hypnosis, but I felt that here I had a conversation with God, and I understood my purpose in this life.”
Dr. Liliana Stancovici, DDS, Geneva, Switzerland – “In my dental practice, I will use as much as I can the techniques I’ve learned in here, for reassuring patients before the dental procedures.”
Dragos Rosu, choreographer and dancer, Brazil – “Although I was skeptical at first, now I can say I rediscovered myself using this technique. I will definitely use it as a profession, making the transition from dance.”
Daniela Nistor, spiritual counselor, Portugal – “It’s a great resource. I’ve always looked and waited for something like this to be available to me.”
Margarita Belecciu, psychologist, Moldova Republic  – “I really liked this course because it is taught in a language that everyone can understand, and that we got to practice every technique and received constructive feedback.”
Pattricia Borza, psychology student – “For me, this experience has brought a fantastic complement to everything I have done so far, because no course that I took in the past has been so complex and fast, to not go through many stages but to go directly to the problem, without the need for a lot of work. It’s extraordinary. “
Sorin Gaspal – “It is a course that changes lives. I recommend it to everyone, because together we can achieve everything we want.”
Emil Resiga, holistic therapist – “I’ve been practicing alternative therapies since 1996, and for me this course was the fulfillment of a dream, of a hope. It is a very professional course, for our benefit and everyone we work with.”
T.A., psychologist and personal development trainer – “I’ve previously studied clinical hypnosis, and I can say that what I’ve learned in here is totally different. I was totally surprised to find a form of education like this. What happened here, first of all, it’s a much higher level of perception, and then of investigation. For each of us, the transformation is fantastic .”
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