Past Life Regression Workshop

Weight Loss with Hypnosis Workshop

-offered every other month; please inquire by email for workshop schedule-

Past Life Regression Workshop

Where do we come from?
Why are we here?
What is the purpose of life?
Where do we go after death?
Do we live one life or many lives?
Do we live forever?
Do we have spiritual guides?
Do we have soul mates?
How are the ilnesses formed and how can we heal them?

Preregistration is required/ Space is limited/ Payment online on the Payment page, or via PayPal, for the email address etgmed@yahoo.com, 
For registration, please call Elena Gabor at (310) 614-9919 or email her at drelenagabor@yahoo.com 

Dr. Elena Gabor, expert on past life regression and life in between lives regression, will lead you in small group regression to help you gain a dramatic new awareness of the world beyond your senses and discover the purpose of your life here on earth. Many of the participants have powerful and profound experiences.

Through the use of hypnotic regression exercises, healing visualizations and meditations this experiential workshop takes you on an incredible journey as you explore the limitless boundaries of your mind and soul.

Past life regression helps you to expand your awareness, unlock your creativity and increase the powers of mind-body healing.

If you believe that the soul is on a journey and continues on from one lifetime to another, you will feel very comfortable with the understanding that many of our current life issues originated in other times and other places. Illnesses, accidents, body types, difficult emotions, habits, addictions, relationships, as well as our accomplishments and talents may have their origins in other incarnations.

 Resolving the Residues of Old Issues

The residues of these old issues can often find resolution in past life experiences. As past life traumas are explored and resolved in hypnosis, many difficulties cease to exist. This, of course, is not the only way to clear up issues. We have a vast number of ways to assist in transformation, and we also feel that the ultimate source of any issue is separation from the higher self and the universal spirit. Nevertheless, it is fascinating, soul-purifying, freeing and uplifting to experience your past lives. 

A Past Life Regression Workshop Experience Shared by a Participant

"My spiritual guide was my best friend who died when we were both 16.
The journey started on a couch with the crystals, all sorts of healing – physical,mental, emotional healing came into my body.

I saw four lives:
General in army, maybe second world war
Warrior fighting in early US
Starving/Freezing young girl
Slave girl

I heavily resisted the Slave Girl life, but it was very strong. I went deep and it was a life filled all with pain – physical and emotional. The lesson learned from this life is not to internalize the pain, but express it outwardly in healthy ways.

I went into the 1550s – where I was a European woman who has an extreme intuition and I was very influential by influencing powerful men. I learned to let others take credit for the work and never got direct credit for myself. This is how I act in this life as well.

The final gift from my spiritual guide was imbuing me with the knowledge that she has always been there and will always be by my side. Also, I was imbued with the knowledge that I am pure love and I felt it throughout my entire body.

The entire experience was impressive, and it helped me release a lot of emotions and gain understanding of certain aspects of my current life."

 No Belief Necessary

You don’t have to believe in past lives in order to work with them. Many people can consider them metaphors or conjurings of the imagination. Hypnosis is a perfect vehicle for the experience and transformation of past lives. It's fascinating, therapeutic, educational and upliftingly spiritual.

Don't miss this opportunity to gain greater insight and wisdom and to harness the power of love and understanding to transform your life.
To register please call at 310-614-9919, email us at drelenagabor@yahoo.com, visit us at www.drgabor.com, or at http://www.meetup.com/Past-life-regression-spiritual-guides-connection/members/11099923/

‘Weight Loss with Hypnosis’ Workshop

No More Emotional Eating
No More Unconscious Eating At Night
No Cravings For Fattening Foods
No more suffering to lose weight
If you are interested in a natural and healthy way to attain and maintain your ideal weight, please join Dr. Elena Gabor, Certified Medical Hypnotherapist, 
7122 BEVERLY Blvd., Los Angeles CA 90036.
www.heavenonearthla.com www.drgabor.com  $75/ person Pre-registration is required/ Space is limited. To register, please call (310) 614-9919 or email at drelenagabor@yahoo.com. Payment via PayPal, for the email address etgmed@yahoo.com For other payment options, please call dr. Elena Gabor at 310 614 9919, email us at drelenagabor@yahoo.com or visit us at www.drgabor.com
The solution to our weight problems lies in our mind.
 Our subconscious mind has the power to end the struggle with food. Learn how to think thin and release the excess weight easily and effortlessly. Learn Self Hypnosis for Weight Loss and become Lean for Life!
Dr. Gabor’s Weight Loss program will help you loose weight easily, stay slim afterwards, and become healthier and happier. You will learn a powerful mind programming technique that will change your relationship to food forever! Your behavior around food and drink is an automatic response to the programming that you have in your subconscious mind. When you change the programming, you change the behavior. You will replace all of your uncontrollable food cravings and emotional reliance on overeating, with healthy eating habits and an active lifestyle. You will fill your subconscious mind with positive willpower, suggestions, and affirmations to help you change your behavior, eat better and speed up your metabolism.
You will look and feel younger!
If you are like most people, you have tried almost every weight loss program, diet pill or exercise routine to lose weight without success. Get to the core of the issue using self hypnosis to help you slim down and stay fat free!
In this half-day Weight Loss with Self Hypnosis workshop you will : *Learn powerful self-hypnosis techniques to release stress, food cravings, and negative beliefs, *Learn the 10 easy rules to healthy eating, *Retrain your mind to ‘think thin’, *Identify and replace the negative, ‘fat’ programming, *Learn powerful, positive affirmations to use daily, *Learn visualization techniques that will help you reach and maintain your ideal weight, *Learn how to make a vision board for weight success!

All Attendees will receive a weight loss audio recording/mp3 to listen at home for reinforcement!
The audio recording starts with a deep relaxation/ meditation followed by powerful mind programming techniques which will install new, healthy habits deep in your subconscious mind. Every time you listen to the mp3 you will reinforce your habit of healthy, happy eating and change your relationship to food. You will rewire your subconscious mind with a new food blueprint to transform and change your negative eating habits.
Experiences of past participants:
Leni, 31, after using Dr. Gabor’s technique, released 10 pounds/ month until she reached her ideal weight. She lost a total of 30 pounds and she is maintaining her ideal weight effortlessly. At the same time she overcame her depression and her suicidal thoughts disappeared.

Mary, 28, released 32 pounds in 3 months, attained her emotional balance and overcame her depression and insomnia in a few days.
Don’t miss this great opportunity to change your unhealthy habits and improve your health and emotional condition.
Call (310) 614-9919 or email at drelenagabor@yahoo.com to register, space is limited!