Here are a few reviews on Dr. Gabor's services posted on various websites, that include the links to those postings.

Reviews posted on dr Gabor's official facebook page:


Nina Augustin-Lewis 04/12/14

Elena is an excellent teacher and hypnotherapist. She has created an amazing shift in me that has allowed me to move forward in my life in such a positve and empowering way. She will definetelly create magic in your life!

Steven Graham 03/11/14

I am just finishing up Elena's book, "Home at the Tree of Life" and I'm astounded by the content. As a student of clinical hypnotherapy, I find the subject matter brilliant, intriguing and deep beyond measure. 
Just when I thought it couldn't possibly get any better... it does! I had the pleasure of meeting Elena and even having a private session with her in her Pasadena office. She is very knowledgable about her profession, and her love of people and life flows from her. She is a delight to know, and I love her work.

Becka Day 12/22/ 2013

About a year ago I had a severely traumatic experience and had tried everything to overcome it. I finally got to a point where I could function again but still had an overwhelming feeling of depression, anxiety, fatigue, and every day was a challenge. After one session with Elena, I felt the weight of negative energy lift off my body as soon as I came out of the hypnosis and I feel like I can finally start living again! Whatever she did was the exact healing I needed. On top of that, she gave me tools to use for myself, and have me clarity to what I was going through. All of that in one session. I received everything I had hoped for in that first appointment but I can't wait to go again!

Reviews posted on Yelp 


Lisa G. 3/31/2014

Dr. Gabor changed my life! I was plagued with constant anxiety and although I was a fully functioning person, Dr. Gabor's sessions showed she WHY I was so anxious. Not only did her sessions end my anxiety, they helped me to be a better artist. The visuals that I had during my sessions were like nothing I had experienced and I was able to do a series of illustrations that inspired me into a whole new level of painting and drawing. The creative success I have had as a result of her sessions is amazing!

Xavier T. 6/10/2014

I used Dr Gabor's services and was very impressed by her knowledge and understanding. She took the time to listen to what I had to say and customized her therapy to my needs. Her methods definitely provided me with the tools and guidance that I needed to successfully address my issues. I would highly recommend her.

Caro S. 10/24/2012

Dr. Gabor... If I had words to describe how much she has helped me... I will just say that thanks to her help now I am very happy with my life. I am happy I found her and I will recommend her to anyone and everyone that needs help with pretty much any mental or physical health condition/block.

Crystal R. 3/20/2012

I've worked with numerous regressionists and hypnotherapists in various states and I have definitely received the greatest benefits and deepest healing with Dr. Gabor. Several of my lower-body issues been resolved with absolutely no medication or standard medical treatment.

Reviews on yelp 


Cecilio R. 6/16/2014

I went to Dr. Elena Gabor because I was suffering from Anxiety/Panic Attacks and Depression. I was having trouble sleeping and felt completely hopeless. Within the first session my mood lifted and I felt a little more at peace. Her hypnosis helped me combat negative thoughts. Ive had about 4 sessions over the last 4 months and I feel much better. I listen to her recordings before going to bed and it helps me have a good nights rest. I've loved every session I've had with Dr. Elena. You never feel rushed. She listens to you, takes notes on your situation and address all your issues during the hypnosis. The one thing that caught my mind was that she asked me to write down all the negative thoughts that I had for two weeks. During our session she went over them one by one with me and gave me alternative thoughts. Then during the hypnosis she addressed every single one of them effortlessly. It was as if she had a script all along, but she didn't because it was my own thoughts I had given her.
I would highly recommend Dr. Elena Gabor. She has helped me tremendously. I am a work in progress, but she has made my anxiety more manageable with her sessions.
Thank You Dr. Elena!

Nina A.  4/18/2014

Dr. Gabor is a true gift! And someone I which I had found much earlier in my life! She is very gifted and her insight into the mind is amazing!!! She will guide you into a more calmer, confident, relaxed and happier life path. I came to her as her student and her teachings are worth more than gold and I was privileged as her pupil to be able to be an observer, as she performed hypnosis to those that came to her and saw amazing positive changes in her clients in such a short period of time. She also performed a hypnosis on me and I too felt a shift. In short she is truly wonderful!

Georgina R. 5/30/2013

I went to see Dr. Gabor because I had a handful of issues I wanted to work through. To start I wanted to address my lack of organization in my home that was affecting  the relationship with my husband and my children.  Also with friends and family.  The specific guidance that Dr. Gabor crafted for my particular issue was absolutely life changing and had a profound spiritual effect on my psyche with unbelievable healing energy.  Everyday when I see and feel my surrounding at home I thank her.  She is without a doubt a natural hypnotherapist .  I recommend her services to anyone that is seeking to evolve, from past traumas, addictions, aliments, to obtain a positive outlook on life, and for just about any other situation. She is a gift to all.

Carolyn B. 5/26/2013

Dr. Gabor has completely transformed my entire life.  When I first came to her, I had severe combat related PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder).  As a combat veteran I was dealing with a lot of nightmares, and anger.  For several years I had horrific nightmares and insomnia.  After my very first past life regression with Dr. Gabor, my nightmares disappeared completely and after several years, I finally slept through the entire night.  It has been 8 months since that day and I have not had even one bad dream let alone, a nightmare.  Working with her has completely changed my thinking and knowledge about myself, my life, my soul and the world around me.   I continue my work with her today, even still, because there is unlimited healing that takes place with hypnotherapy and regression.

CeeJay Brown, MSgt, (ret)

United States Air Force  

Ella R. 5/26/13

I am alive today because Dr. Gabor helped me to find the strength in enjoying life again! I met Dr. Gabor due to the health problems and the bad habits I used to have: depression and suicidal thoughts, drinking alcohol, smoking, being overweight, lack of confidence because of a failed marriage, and so on. But Dr. Gabor was empathetic and sensitive to my problems. She has worked with both my subconscious and conscious mind, approaching and solving the deepest reasons of my problems. Her practice/ techniques had miraculous results!!!!!!... her recommendations were easy to follow and beneficial. In less than 1 year, I reached the ideal weight (125lbs), I got back my self-confidence, I gave up alcohol and quitted smoking, plus...my relationship with my spouse was back in track (hooray!). Looking back to that time, depression is just a bad episode of my life over which I recovered with success thanks to Dr. Gabor and the techniques she used to treat my case! I highly recommend her, because her vast expertise can solve any case, in short amount of time; at least this is my opinion due to the experience I had with her!!! P.S. Thank you again, Dr. Gabor!

Jill 11/9/2012

After years of battling depression, anxiety and eccentric/obsessive thoughts (to sum things up neatly) I recently experienced a hopeless weekend that was seemingly the worst my mental condition has ever been.

I decided I needed to find another doctor and came across Dr. Gabor's information. To my surprise, she immediately returned my call and scheduled an appointment with me that day. After spending just a few hours with her, she explained life to me in a way that finally makes sense. Her points on positivity, unconditional love, energy, meditation and things universal gave me the tools I needed to begin altaring my thought process without 'drugs' and in a way that feels exceptionally true and good.

I look forward to continued progress with Dr. Gabor and would recommend her to any of my loved ones or anyone looking to better their life experience in general. In fact, my boyfriend has already scheduled his own appointment with her. She is comforting, pleasant, warm, extremely knowledgeable, beautiful inside and out and has already helped me more than I can express. I am very thankful for the opportunity to meet with her and think her work and care should be shared with as many people as possible.