After 10 years of practice as a Medical Doctor of Stomatology (DMD) in Europe, Dr. Gabor discovered the amazing benefits of involving our different levels of consciousness in healing. She became a specialist in subconscious science and a researcher into the use of non-ordinary states of consciousness for the purpose of personal growth, healing, exploring and obtaining insights into the human psyche. She received certification training in Hypnosis/Hypnotherapy (from the U. S. National Guild of Hypnotists), in Medical Hypnotherapy, HypnoCoaching, Past Life Regression Therapy and Personal Development. She is an NGH Certified Hypnosis Instructor and has two hypnotherapy practices in Los Angeles area as well as in Europe, working with over 6000 people, helping them in their journey of regaining their health and inner balance. 

Dr. Gabor also offers certification programs in Hypnotherapy/ Hypnosis, Medical Hypnotherapy and Spiritual Hypnotherapy (Past life regression therapy and analysis, and Life between lives regression) in the U.S and Europe. 

The next weekend hypnotherapy certification programs will be offered in: 

-2017 Santa Monica, CA
February 4-5, 11-12, 18-19, 25-26
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-2017 Tustin, CA
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April 1-2, 8-9, 15-16, 22-23, 29-30

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To register for hypnotherapy training class, schedule a private session or for more information, contact Dr. Elena Gabor 310-614-9919, or email at


Hypnotherapy, Medical Hypnotherapy, Guided Imagery, Regression Hypnotherapy, Spiritual Hypnotherapy and NLP sessions are available in person or by phone, serving client's individual needs. Sessions run between 90 minutes and 2 hours. All sessions are confidential

The rate is $150/90 min-2hour session


You can schedule private sessions with Dr. Gabor from anywhere in the world as long as you have a computer and you sign up with (membership is free). You could also use the App "Viber" for Apple or Android phones. The rate is $150/90 min. -2 hour session.

Dr. Gabor is a pioneer in researching and describing the science of the subconscious universe, as well as the Subconscious Medicine. Her book Home at the Tree of Life presents some of the most fascinating case studies of hypnotherapy and medical hypnotherapy and the discoveries regarding human consciousness made together with her clients. 

Her book " Home at the Tree of Life" can be purchased at



Home at the Tree of Life

Journeys of healing through the exploration of the subconscious universe, history of the soul, the afterlife and ultimate reality, and conversations with Divinity. 

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In the U.S. Dr. Gabor does not practice medicine nor dentistry. She exclusively uses hypnotherapy, regression hypnotherapy and medical hypnotherapy as complementary tools in working with people including those with challenging cases that are referred to her by physicians and psychologists. Many of these cases are resistant to conventional medical treatment such as depression, anxiety, insomnia and chronic diseases, and often respond amazingly well to the complementary approach of hypnotherapy and the pioneering hypnotherapy techniques Dr. Gabor has developed. These techniques involve all levels of consciousness (the conscious mind, subconscious and superconscious) in this holistic approach to healing, and help both the physical and the energetic body. As a result, Dr. Gabor's clients have faster and long-lasting results

According to William Ray, a professor of psychology and Penn State hypnosis search more than 6000 articles on the benefits of hypnosis have been published in medical and psychological journalists since the 1950s.

Dr. Gabor offers private sessions, workshops, seminars and certification classes, motivating and inspiring people, supporting them in their journeys of healing and self-discovery.

In addition to the techniques developed as a result of the research conducted with her clients, Dr. Gabor also uses in her hypnotherapy practice:

  • Hypnosis and Guided Meditation/Deep Relaxation techniques
  • Visualization and Guided Imagery
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)
  • Regression techniques: Age Regression, Past Life Regression Therapy and Analysis and Life beyond Life Regression
  • Progression techniques: Age Progression and Future Life Progression Therapy
  • Emotional Freedom Technique
  • Parts therapy
  • Time Line Therapy

"Relaxation, Visualization, Imagery and Regression are used in order to eliminate stress, tension, fears and phobias in a holistic way; the health ramifications are endless. It has been my experience, and that of many doctors as well , that regression therapy and hypnotic visualization can transform the mind to reach these healing states. These methods can be used in conjunction with traditional medical approaches and medicine.

-Dr. Brian Weiss, M.D., (Through Time into Healing) Chairman of Psychiatry at Mt. Sinai Medical Center in Miami


                            Guided Imagery

Guided Imagery is a very useful complementary therapy.  It induces relaxation, promotes stress reduction, and helps the mind effect positive, powerful changes in the body.  It is a visualization technique in which the focus is on positive mental pictures that stimulate the brain in a way that affects the endocrine and nervous systems, which can lead to improvements in immune system functioning. There is evidence that Guided Imagery can balance the production of hormones, lower blood pressure and stimulate the activity of the immune system. At least two major medical centers in New York and San Francisco are now teaching patients Guided Imagery and visualization techniques for pre-operative preparation and post-operative recovery.

Visualization and Relaxation

"Visualization can be used as a powerful healing technique to augment the body's immune system, accelerate natural homeopathic and healing mechanisms, and eliminate any types of illness."

                                                                                                     -Dr. Brian Weiss, M.D.

Visualization and Relaxation activate Healing!      

"When we do visualization... we put the patient, the client, into a very relaxed state... When somebody’s so relaxed, what happens is a lot of chemicals, hormones, are produced in our body... endorphins... serotonin. When that happens, the body’s own innate capacity to heal is activated."
-Aurora Ocampo, MA, RN, CS - Center for Health and Healing,  
                                       Beth Israel Medical Center, June , 2006, Fox News Channel

"The body has ways of communicating. Certain systems communicate with other systems. The cells communicate with each other in the body. They do this using certain chemicals, or what we would call mediators... For example, the immune system... will respond to certain chemical signals. You can use the visualization or the imagery to step up the body’s production of those signals to soup up the immune system to go and do what it needs to do."
-Ben Kligler, M.D. - Albert Einstein College of Medicine, June, 2006, Fox News Channel

Neuro-linguistic Programming  -NLP-

Neuro-linguistic programming is an interpersonal communication and approach to psychotherapy. It was created by hypnotherapist Richard Bandler and linguist John Grinder in the 1970s. NLP is the science of effective communication that addresses the mind, body and spirit. The human mind and brain have a limitless capacity to learn and relearn- in other words to reprogram itself.

Results have proven that NLP techniques reinforced by Hypnosis/Hypnotherapy techniques are the best processes for creating fast and long-lasting change in a person's life.  These techniques can be used for improving medical conditions, for personal growth such as in communication, business and creative arts performances, for eliminating addictions, fears, anxiety and panic attacks.


Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy and Mind-Body Health

How well does Hypnosis work?

A comparison study:

Psychoanalysis : 38% recovery after 600 sessions

Behavior therapy: 72% recovery after 22 sessions

 Hypnotherapy : 93% recovery after 6 sessions

Study conducted by Alfred A. Barrios, PhD., published in "Psychotherapy" magazine, volume 7, number 1

 Hypnosis has been officially recognized by the American Medical Association since 1958 as a legitimate and safe approach to medical and psychological problems.             

Did you know that many
famous actors, singers
, and championship athletes have used and are currently using hypnosis
to improve their performance, to eliminate addictions, fears and nightmares? read more...
Hypnosis is a state of the mind and body that holds great potential for healing. It's a very calming and pleasant experience, a relaxed state of body and mind that occurs naturally.  It does not involve any altered states, and each of us utilizes various depths of hypnosis daily, when we day dream, meditate or relax, before we fall asleep or when we wake up, prior to becoming fully alert.  We do it easily, without thinking about the process. 

Studies have shown that almost 80% of physical and psychological problems are stress related.

An experiment conducted at Harvard University, by a research team which included Stephen Kosslyn, professor of psychology at Harvard and David Spiegel, M.D., of Stanford University School of Medicine, was performed on eight hypnotized subjects.  Using PET scanners they  produced evidence that when hypnotized, the subjects' right hemispheres showed changes in activity, along with changes in the left hemispheres. In contrast,  when the subjects were not hypnotized, the changes only took place in the left hemispheres of their brains.
"Hypnosis is the most potent non-pharmacological relaxing agent known to science." G.V. Sunnen, M.D.

Hypnotherapy is the use of Hypnosis in therapy along with other techniques such as the ones mentioned above.  Hypnotherapy is very efficient because it's the approach that has access to the subconscious mind with its suppressed memories and unsolved negative emotions. The subconscious mind guides our behavior and the activity of the bodies.  During hypnosis the subconscious mind is receptive to positive suggestions.

Hypno-Analysis or Analytical Hypnotherapy is used to discover causes of psychological problems.  It is the doctrine of cause and effect; every symptom  has a cause.  It is very efficient, as it finds and removes originating causes of different symptoms and diseases.

                         Subconscious mind therapy

                                           A complementary approach to healing

Many of the major issues that challenge us such as depression, anxiety, fears, addiction, weight problems, emotional imbalance and some cases of infertility are deeply rooted in the subconscious mind. Subconscious mind therapy is a complementary, alternative approach that addresses three aspects of the human mind. First, there is the conscious mind or the logic center. It is the aspect of the mind that we use when we are awake. We are not born having a conscious mind. It begins forming very early in childhood and serves as our analytical, logical, critical, skeptical, egoic mind. It is usually inactive during sleep. The second aspect is the subconscious mind itself. It coordinates activities related to the normal functioning of the physical body and is our emotional, imaginative and creative part of the mind. It is constantly present throughout the day and night, through our entire life, even when the conscious mind is inactive or reduces its activity. The third aspect of the mind is called the superconscious mind, the higher self. It is that higher state of consciousness that can be accessed in very deep states of meditation or hypnosis. The cooperation of these three aspects of the mind ensures the normal functioning of the human being. During subconscious mind therapy the client enters the subconscious and often even the superconscious state of awareness.

The exploration of the subconscious mind is vital in understanding diseases and the mechanisms of healing, and it is crucial for understanding the mind in all of its complexity.
           Past Life Regression Therapy and Analysis

"Hypnosis is an excellent tool to help a patient remember long forgotten incidents...  It is just a state of focused concentration.  Under the instruction of a trained hypnotist, the patient's body relaxes, causing the memory to sharpen.  I have hypnotized hundreds of patients, and had found it helpful in reducing anxiety, eliminating phobias, changing bad habits, and aiding in the recall of repressed material."       
                                              -Dr. Brian Weiss, M.D., Many Lives, Many Masters

Past Life Regression Therapy and Analysis is a very efficient complementary technique that Dr. Gabor has successfully used to help thousands of clients  in the process of overcoming major issues such anxiety, insomnia, sadness, fears, phobias, chronic pain, infertility, addictions, various diseases, improve confidence and self-esteem, lose weight and for personal growth. 
Some of the most fascinating cases of recovery from such major challenges and the discoveries made during the hypnotherapy sessions are presented in Dr. Gabor's book "Home at the Tree of Life" that is available for purchase on 
These discoveries shed light on the nature of reality, how diseases are formed and how healing occurs. 

                    Contact Dr. Gabor at 310-614-9919  

                                                                       or by email



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